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Steve wants reflections, so let’s give him reflections. You don’t want to kill all your dark areas they are very important. See how easy it is to create a little tree right in your world. A beautiful little sunset.

You could sit here for weeks with your one hair brush trying to do that – or you could do it with one stroke with an almighty brush. For the lack of a better word I call them hangy downs. It’s amazing what you can do with a little love in your heart. When things happen – enjoy them. They’re little gifts. Trees cover up a multitude of sins.

Put light against light – you have nothing. Put dark against dark – you have nothing. It’s the contrast of light and dark that each give the other one meaning. La- da- da- da- dah. Just be happy. Don’t kill all your dark areas – you need them to show the light. That’s what painting is all about. It should make you feel good when you paint. Let’s put a touch more of the magic here.

To apply for this job email your details to webmaster@utahgc.org

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