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  • Susana San Roman
    Susana San Roman Director

    Susana San Roman, MS, CGC, is a licensed genetic counselor with 9 years of experience in the laboratory and industry settings. She currently works at Myriad Genetic Laboratories providing medical support to patients, healthcare providers, and other departments within the company. She is passionate about student supervision, leadership, and serving Spanish-speaking patients residing in the U.S. and abroad. Susana hopes to join the AUG board of directors to help energize and support the local genetic counseling community.

  • Kaitlyn Mason
    Kaitlyn Mason Director

    Kaitlyn is a licensed and certified genetic counselor who graduated from the University of Utah in 2021. Since June 2023, she has been working as as a genetic counselor in pediatric neurology at the University of Utah. Previously, she worked as a pediatric genetic counselor at the University of New Mexico.

  • Emily Moody
    Emily Moody Director

    Emily is a board certified genetic counselor who graduated from the University of Utah Genetic Counseling Graduate Program in 2019. Following graduation she practiced clinical cancer counseling with Intermountain until 2022. She currently works part-time with the Center for Genomic Interpretation to create online tools for clinicians to aid in interpreting cancer genetic test results. Emily is excited about aiding the next generation of Utah genetic counselors to join our community, and has volunteered with the AUG Career Camp for three years.

  • Nykole Sutherland
    Nykole Sutherland Director

    Nykole is a licensed and certified genetic counselor specializing in oncology bringing more than 10 years of experience working in the field of cancer genetics at Huntsman Cancer Institute and Intermountain Health. WIth a passion for research, she has worked on large population health research initiatives like Heredigene and a Utah Grand Challenge project linking genetic data to the UPDB. Though she was born and raised in Utah, she graduated from the Bay Area training program at California State University – Stanislaus (now the UCSF program). Her professional ethos is driven by a passion for patient empowerment and the ethical application of genomic information, shaped by personal insights from my sibling’s genetic journey. As an advocate for genomic medicine, she is committed to enhancing access to genetic counseling and fostering community engagement through her contributions to research and clinical practice.

  • Krista Savage (Qualmann)
    Krista Savage (Qualmann) President

    Krista is a genetic counselor with eight years of clinical experience in neurogenetics. She graduated from the University of Cincinnati Genetic Counseling Program in 2014. After graduation, she worked as a clinical and research genetic counselor at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston department of neurosurgery for six and a half years, where she specialized in adult neurogenetic, neuro-oncology, and neurovascular conditions. Next, she worked at Invitae providing post-test telehealth genetic counseling to patients who have undergone genetic testing for multiple specialties. Currently, Krista serves as an independent contractor for several companies, including serving patients with ALS and Parkinson disease at Synapticure and seeing patients for multiple indications via Grey Genetics. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time outdoors, playing games, reading, and playing with her pets.

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